Bariatric Flatware Set
Bariatric Flatware Set
Bariatric Flatware Set
Bariatric Flatware Set
Bariatric Flatware Set
Bariatric Flatware Set

Bariatric Flatware Set

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“Viva” Just Right Set® Bariatric Flatware (Set of 3 Utensils: Knife, Fork & Spoon) in colorful Livliga Carrying Case. Made of stainless steel.

Finally! There is a beautiful set of flatware that is sized just right and made for bariatric use. Even better—it comes in an attractive carrying case with zipper that is ready to go when you are and easy to clean. Wherever you are you can use your Viva Just Right Set® flatware for every healthy meal. The item includes a Viva Just Right Set of: 1 knife, 1 fork, and 1 spoon sent to you in a clear carrying case with light blue trim and Livliga’s mindful eating logo in stunning lime green.

This Viva Just Right Set flatware is designed to be used with the Aveq Just Right Set bariatric dish set. This ensemble creates a beautiful place setting with which you can enjoy and savor every meal. It is ideal for those who have had a bariatric procedure, who are preparing for one, or for anyone who is part of a bariatric program.

No longer do bariatric patients have to use a child’s flatware or dishes made of plastic or with cutesy patterns. Now there is a beautiful, elegant choice from Livliga.

  • Size of Just Right® flatware: 5-3/4-inch knife; 5-1/4-inch fork; 5-inch spoon
  • Made of 18/0 mirror-finish stainless steel with hammered handles
  • Design features rounded tab ends, squared off spoons
  • Coordinating Portion Control Dish Set available
  • Dishwasher-safe
Carrying Case:
  • Size of case: 4" x 6-3/8" x 1-1/2"
  • Colors: Clear with light blue trim and lime green “Livliga Mindful Eating” logo
  • Comes in a zippered case for easy transporting of Just Right Set® flatware
  • Case fits easily into a purse, backpack or computer bag/briefcase or other travel bag
  • Case is made of clear plastic for easy cleaning
  • Very portable
  • Easy to store